Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Proper Definition of school Management

Management is art of getting things done through resources represents a considerable challenge. Resource Management in school has become specifically written to give practical advice on all the areas you need to become a better more effective manager. The budget can be effectively managed with the advice on how to build and manage your budget.  Funding allocation detail and income generating opportunities for your school, Need to relate your school development plan and establish benchmarks for good practice.

Effectiveness of resource governance:

Issue is with how resource can be governed within school systems and how analyses can be done to use in influenced by the key foundation of school management software. The source available for education revenue needs an approach to school management. Web based school management software is highly effective to mend all the requirement of the school panel.  The implementation of web based school management software improves the effectiveness of resource use in development of education.

Effectiveness of resource distribution:

This issue concerned with how resource can be effectively distributed across the school management software. It includes proper distribution of school management software to different levels of administration. There are different sectors in school where school Erp need to be use correctly within staffs, administrator, parents and students. The section likes pre-primary, primary secondary and higher secondary need to be taken watch on every sectors and equally participation of students. In addition school ERP also deals with the distribution of proper school facilities and materials, the organization of teachers resources, the organization of school leadership resources and resource targeted at specific student groups.

General goals:

Web based school management system   brings out the ultimate goals of their education system. Overall goals of education system typically emphasis the following aspects: the personal development of individual, the acquisition of skills and competencies, equality of educational opportunities, equity of access, participation and outcomes, values and attitudes.

Concept of effectiveness and efficiency:

Effectiveness and efficiency are typically pursued together in education policy and this school ERP supports both. The idea behind these concepts is to ensure that resources which are used in educational activities so that they produce desired outputs. While the concept of effectiveness and efficiency is closely related.
Educational effectiveness refers to the ability of school management software to adequately accomplish stated education objectives. Where as educational efficiency on the other hand refers to the achievement of stated education objectives at lowest possible cost. School management software achieved better output for a given set of resources, it is necessary to secure data for each and every individual working on the betterment of school development.

The Inputs for achievement:

The actual input in the provision of educational are
  • Students:   number of students, ability distribution, socio economic characteristics, demographic profile, prior learning, time for learning
  • Teachers: number of teachers, qualification of teachers, involvement in school activities, Quality of teacher’s workforce.
  • Parents: Take part in knowing their kids improvements, interact with teachers, take decision for betterment of school, and give feedback.


Web based school management software needs to keep record of each and every section of school. It will keep focus on the actual learning and outcomes achieved by students. Outcome decides the achievement of school administration and all the steps taken in between all the process.

Here web based school management software helps in keep discipline and regulating school. It is more effective and user friendly for each and present in admiration of school and can take part for maintaining schools betterment.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Staffing Your School Management

School resource management is a critical element to starting and operating a successful charter school.it needs a strong, talented and dedicated teachers and competent business staffs. The management need to regulate staffs, teachers, parents, students, and other non teaching employee with the help of Web Based School Management Software. With the help of this software administrator can check all the activities, and equal participation of teachers and other staffs.

This School ERP is best suited and developed keeping in mind all the user friendly uses . Managing school is complicated and mistakes can be extremely costly. Here web based school management software plays an important role. The HR practice must consult with professionals, including experienced administrators. 
School ERP will helps to keep and effectively use nearly any resource in your district, managing assets benefits administrator, superintendents, financial staff teachers, Liberians, and technology staff. The other benefits include:
  • The ability to effectively planned resource expenditures while maintaining equitable access.
  • Manage budget utilization for proper investment.
  • View of asset life-cycle issues so replacements can be planned  and cost minimized
  • Improve resource accountability by teachers, students and parents.

Teachers Management
Teachers can utilize school ERP to receive faster access to maintain easy access in teaching and managing discipline in class:
  • Proper distribution of notes.
  • Managing attendance and keeping proper records.
  • Look at the proper completion of syllabus, scheduling  examination and tests.
  • Regulating parents, teachers and students communication.

Parent’s decision and role in management of school..
Parents need to take proper participation in management of school authority.
  • They need to take part in parents teachers and student interaction.
  • Need to check there kids performance and requirements
  • Involvement of their kids in school activities or not.

The dedication in proper management of school ERP requires attention of each and everyone. Here using this web based school management software. Every person attains all- round development.  Freedom of democracy of their society and contribute to the future.  School Curriculum need to provide students essential and life-long learning. It needs to manage the learning and cultivating positive value, attitudes and commitment to life long learning.

Essential Learning and Curriculum Frame work

It is a total learning experience with the School ERP software. With This school Management software Students can learn and take advantage of this School ERP software for the development of itself.

  • Moral and civic education
  • Intellectual development
  • Community service
  • Physical and aesthetic development
  • Career- related experiences.

Setting the basic development and understanding of the curriculum development. The direction for the development in web based school management software requires better management of school in simple steps. Monitoring the progress of school curriculum development and assessing its effectiveness. Examining the existing project and the outcomes in making proper managing of school management software. Securing resource is the first priorities and keeping data safe and secure.

The key performance of this web based school management software is in indicating and give direction to the school  for flourishing in small investment in marge infrastructure.

Friday, 5 February 2016

10 Things a School Management Software System Should Have

Over the past few years, School managements and teachers around the world have got very excited by web based school management software. Basically, web based school management software allows to have access to any administrative information about the educational institutions. For example, student’s attendance records, school policies and contact details of parents can be easily accessed with a click or two of a button. In this article, I look at the ten things which every school management software should have.

  • Electronic Roll book

This is the major reason that I have decided to get web based school management software for my school despite the fact that we still have to fill out the traditional attendance register. A good and quality electronic roll book will balance the numbers at the end of each term to save teacher’s hours of frustration. Good roll book will take very little extra time to fill out if everyone is deemed to be automatically present initially. However, a teacher can simply mark the absentees.

  • Electronic Notice Board

We don’t use the blackboard or whiteboard in the staff room for messages and notices. Some Web based school management software contains electronic noticeboard. This means that any staff and any teacher can post a notice up about anything. Another big advantage is that people can response to notices if they feel like. School ERP system use this to do anything posting up web links of interest to organizing staffs and teachers night out. I also find that it cuts out the invisible hierarchy that traditional whiteboards or a blackboard seems to create.

  • Integration with Google Calendar

Personally, I feel, Google do the best calendar. If one can share their educational institute calendar with any other calendar in their lives and allow it to appear on web based school management software, then it’s a win-win for me. A stand alone calendar is acceptable.

  • Web-Based

If I want to access information about any particular thing of my school, I’m not necessarily in the school when I want it. Web based school management software allows me to access the information anywhere including my smart phone. Those who don’t sell web based school management software will argue that it is not secure. I believe this argument to be dated as web based solutions are now recognized as being extremely secure.

  • Easy Printing of Class Lists

There may come a time where school asks to send lists of pupils to different agencies. A quality school erp system will allow you to create lists on the fly whenever you need it, for example: anyone who goes on the bus, any child under the age of 8, etc. It is also a good idea if only that particular information that is needed can be filtered rather than having to print each and every details of every child.

  • Search Function

This is probably more applicable to bigger institutions but if young Sachin Tendulkar has smashed his head open, the quickest way to get his father’s number would be to simply use Google-style search function for his name. Other useful search ideas would be for any keyword in documents, policies, etc.

  • Document Storage

 Being able to store documents in web based school management software is a handy feature. Instance, I can store all the school’s policies in a single place for teacher to look at. Google Docs is an even more powerful solution, so integration with that would be more beneficial. Therefore, even better again would be the ability to store assessment results, for example MIIST, Sigma-T etc. Better again would be comparison lists results of these assessments. Another important document to store might be student’s results each year. A report generator would be a welcome addition as these takes ages.

  • Social Bookmarking

I don’t think any web based school management software has this feature but teachers love sharing links to informative websites. Through tagging Bookmarks, a nice list for any school could be very useful. If this was shared among the whole community of other schools, a huge data bank of informative links to web sites could grow extremely quickly. Right now, I use a link to Google Bookmarks.

  • Money Collection

There was a time that student give teacher money. It is very effective to have a list of your class online where you can update what they have paid you and on which day. Again clever use of lists can make this appreciable.

  • Yard Duty Timetable

I feel every educational institutions does yard duty so why not have it on a web based school management software. It would be even better; the web based school management software could automatically generate a fair timetable for all teachers and even analyze the number of hours completed.

There are plenty other things web based school management software offers and these are just some of the many features that they generally have. Therefore, I think it the best that web based school management software stick to management options and should not try to do too much, for example lesson planning.
As tradition with these top 10 lists, I have to put in a bonus list, so here I go:

  • Bonus List: Parent Teacher Meeting Timetable Generator

Trying to inform parent about the parent teacher meeting is one of the nightmare. One has to fit siblings together. One also has to make sure that support staff gets to talk to parent after or before the teacher. It takes long time to get it manually, even that there is tons of mistakes. As a web based school management software will have access to each student and their relationship to their siblings in the school as well as support every single information, a computer program might have more luck.

I hope this article proves to be useful in choosing right web based school management software for your educational institutions. If you have got any queries, please comment below.    

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Web Based School Management Software

Web based school management software is one of the amazing software which enhance the technology to improve the infra structure of school and colleges. This web based school management software runs in a dynamic platform which allows educational institute to manage their whole organization through web. It nurtures the interaction between school, teachers, students and parents in a most effective way.

The main features of web based school management software is to maintain the pay roll, attendance management, time table management, principal to teacher interaction, parents to school interaction,   parents to teacher interaction, teacher to student interaction, financial  assistance procedure, online payment acceptance of fee, access progress of child in each and every subject.

The main focus of Web based school management software is to manage the employee, classes, teachers, examination schedule, and financial management, keep records of students and teachers, time to time interaction of between parents, teachers and students. Maintain proper report of each and every functioning body under administration.

Teachers need to manage the students, record attendance, regulate classes by maintaining discipline. Proper follow of timetable, subjects record and notes, assign homework to the students and engage students in extracurricular activity.

Students need to play role in maintaining their homework, discipline, share notes among friends, take active part in cultural activities, and generate remarks from teachers.

For parents they must keep update of their kids progress, take part in parents teachers interaction, get alert from school administration or teachers about their kids progress.

Our Web based school management software allows creating a multi-level hierarchy.  Proper management of student’s attendance, regulatory examination system. Application allows managing all students’ data by generating various reports. Students can upload and download assignments and can evaluate online. Inbuilt messaging system to interact parents, teachers and students. Update important news, events and holidays. Manage Event with our event calendar. Upload and share your creative work in gallery. Notice board is available to get any notice alert. There is separate section for parents, teachers and students login in Web based school management software.

If you are interested to know more download our brochure from our website http://schoolpro.ifconit.com/ or you can even contact us on IFCON to avail the facility of web based school management software. You can also email us at sales[at]ifconit.com.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Role of Web based School Management Software

Web based school management software is a type of the computerize enterprise resource planning which means ERP system which is developed for an enterprise. Today I am going to discussion on School ERP Software. These web based school management software is a part of an enterprise resource planning software. School management software is developed for the educational institution management purpose, which has a large number of entities which includes Teachers, students, parents and school staffs. These days web based school management software is widely used in the educational institutions for the management of school in a proper way. School ERPs helps to manage all the records and information of the students as well as staff members.
Every school manages their records by the various methods. But these records are not managed on a regular basis.  So, they need a systematic way to manage these information and records in a regular manner. The best way to manage your daily activities is to install web based school management software in your educationally institutions. It is designed in such a way that each and every school activities can easily managed, which includes students and teachers  attendance, library record, events, examination, timetable record, report card, online project management and many more.

Advantage of Web based school management software 

These are some of the advantages of school management software.
  • With the help oh school ERP; you can easily interact with the school administration, students, teachers and staff members anytime and anywhere.
  • It helps you to manage regular activities like teachers and students attendance, weekly test records and progress report.
  • 24x7 availability helps you to interact with parents and teachers anytime.
  • Late fine and fees can be automatically calculate and added to the students account in a fraction of second.
  • Management of library record is very simple with school management software.
  • Annual account report can be easily prepared with school ERP.

Thus, web based school management software is very beneficial these days as you can see it is capable of managing all the resource in a centralized manner with a single administration module. This includes various management modules such as Admin, student, accounting, inventory for the management processes and payroll. This is as secure as your bank accounts and it is totally web based or cloud based. All you need is internet connectivity and a perfect web based school management software for your educational institutions.


At present, every educational institution needs a computerize system to manage their school’s information and records on a regular manner. Therefore, web based school management software is very effective and well capable of performing such tasks. School management software not only helpful in maintaining your resource but it is very quick and user friendly.

I hope this article will help you to understand the functions of school ERP. Comment below if you have any quires related to web based school management software